This is a place to advertise for player try-outs, pick-up players, most fundraisers and/or create discussions. Friendlies, scrimmages, other tournaments not insured or sanctioned by USSSA will be removed. Personal and facility Liability for these type of events falls on teams/parents and USSSA does not insure these events.

1. Business ads must be approved. Selling of used equipment is acceptable. Selling of new items/equipment is NOT allowed without approval. I have signed agreements with several sponsors and cannot violate terms.Official COLLEGE camps are strongly encouraged.

2. Ads that are in conflict with USSSA events or USSSA Clinics & Lessons will be removed. This includes scrimmages, friendlies, etc. Personal and facility legal liability is on teams and parents not USSSA.

Spam, Foul language, personal attacks or continued misuse of the site rules will result in your account closure.

3. Official COLLEGE camps, combines, showcases are strongly encouraged to post their events.

Thank you.

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