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Umpires or Officials

Why should you umpire with Utah USSSA?

Professionalism, Consistency,

Pride, Integrity and Fun

We pay day of event or within in 72 hours after end of event!! We are the best and we run over 40 events a year in Utah and Mesquite, NV. 

Are you looking fora GREAT part-time career?   You decide your own work schedule during weekend tournaments which usually start Friday afternoons or evenings and end on Saturday evenings. (morning / afternoon / evening or the entire tournament if you choose) Also weekday leagues start at 5-6 pm. Accelerated, All Star and Recreation levels are available.

Pay ranges from $35-$65 a game depending on experience, league, format and level of play. We are the leader #1 leader in umpire compensation in the state. We strive to "show love and respect" for umpires.

USSSA is guided by national and regional clinics and their local organizations. New and veteran umpires are constantly learning and refining their game in the areas of field mechanics, positioning, rule interpretation and game control strategies in order to provide the best officiating possible for our tournament teams.  USSSA umpires work Professional games, college games and National tournaments.

Our mission is to provide quality training to all umpires in order to promote uniformity and professionalism.  Our goal is to encourage standardized umpiring mechanics, application of the strike zone, and handling game and fan situations.  
We offer several Umpire Clinics/Training sessions each season.  For more information please email or click below

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