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State Umpire Leadership

Do you love fastpitch softball?
Have you ever wanted to officiate? 


Our love and passion for fastpitch softball is why USSSA Umpires are some of the best in the nation. Many feel it is the best part-time job they have ever had.


If you have ever had a desire to officiate and share your love of the sport of fastpitch softball, please contact:

Jennifer Beck Griffiths call 801-651-1437

New Umpire Contact/Female Umpire Liaison/UIC/Tournament Director


Troy Anderson call 801-419-4661

New Umpire Contact/Tournament Director/ UIC


Jared Emerick

Tournament Director/ UIC 

Shaun Dustin

New Umpire Contact/Tournament Director/ UIC 

Marc Godfrey

Tournament Director/ UIC / Clinton Liaison

Robert Delaney

Tournament Director/ UIC / Tooele County Recreation Liaison






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