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Umpire Information

This page is the resource location for all Fastpitch Umpires in Utah.  Any umpire that wants to participate in a USSSA tournament, MUST register as as USSSA umpire. Everything can be done online, including paying fees. Registering with USSSA gives umpires comprehensive insurance coverage. This way USSSA is certain all umpires are properly covered. We pay $35-$65 PER GAME day of event or within in 72 hours of end of event.

There are two options when registering:


  • All Sport Official - This registration covers officials for any USSSA sanctioned event in any USSSA sport (Fastpitch Slowpitch, Baseball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Volleyball and Wrestling). 

  • All Association Official - This registration covers officials for ANY sport in a sanctioned program from  ASA, Pony, High School Federation, PGF, Cal Ripken, USA, Little League ONLY that is also a USSSA sport (Fastpitch Slowpitch, Baseball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Volleyball and Wrestling). If umpires register with this THEY DO NOT NEED TO BUY USA/ASA, OR HIGH SCHOOL INSURANCE. 

  • Registration and insurance coverage period is Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 each year.

  • NOTE - We will finance your registration fees and uniform cost in exchange for working games during the season.

  • If you have insurance coverage already from another USA/ASA. PGF or Little league, this is allowed, but umpires still MUST register with USSSA.  

  • Umpires please refer to the Insurance Coverage Information.

To register as a USSSA umpire,

Only registered umpires in good standing with USSSA and in uniform may be assigned to call USSSA sanctioned events.  A uniform exception may be made as needed.  An umpire is considered registered once they have paid the annual registration fee and taken/passed all required tests, clinics or OJT training. If you are interested in being an Umpire, please contact  Jennifer Beck Griffiths call 801-651-1437

Official Utah USSSA Fastpitch Umpire Uniform 

NOTE: You can purchase  SHRTS directly from Jennifer and SAVE $7+ $42 vs $49.

  • Official Red, Black, White and Pink Shirts are available USSSA. Click on the USSSA image link below.

  • Black Hat with Red Letters, available in Plate (4 stitch) and Base (8 stitch) and in fitted or Flexfit. Click on the link below.

  • CHARCOAL Gray is available from any umpire source.

  • Black or dark navy blue ball bag (no logos) other than USSSA. A no logo bag is allowed. USSSA logo black bags are available.

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