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Coaches, USSSA requires youth teams to have medical insurance coverage for the season or for the year.  You may purchase insurance for your team, league or facility through USSSA. Cost is extremely inexpensive for youth teams. Please consider USSSA team insurance for secure coverage.

*** NOTE Medical team insurance is NOT Liability insurance, sanctioned events (USSSA or ASA/USA) carry Liability coverage to protect all fans, coaches and teams from lawsuits. 

The USSSA Team Insurance policy will cover your practice activities and games in SANCTIONED events.


The USSSA policy has many great benefits and comes at a excellent price, starting at $174 per year depending on age and term.

Purchasing Team Insurance with USSSA couldn't be easier. Click here -


You have two ways to purchase USSSA Insurance:

1.  Click on the red USSSA Team Insurance Button above to go to the USSSA insurance website

     to purchase on-line within your team account . Please be sure your team is registered for the new             season before you purchase your insurance.


2.  Click on the red USSSA Team Insurance Button above to go to the USSSA insurance website

     to print an application and mail to USSSA National Headquarters as directed with your payment.


Coverage will be effective as soon as your payment is processed.

Listed below are some important facts about USSSA Insurance:


  • Only USSSA registered teams may purchase this insurance.

  • USSSA insurance covers you for all tournaments (SANCTIONED events like USA/ASA, NSA)

  • USSSA team insurance covers the play and practice of any amateur activity in the sport insured.

  • Coverage begins at the time the online transaction is completed.  The online transaction is complete when you receive a credit card confirmation number for your on line transaction.

  • General Liability coverage is provided for players, coaches, managers and volunteers of the team. $2,000,000 General Liability per Occurrence WITH 3M AGGREAGATE! *

  • Accident Medical Coverage is secondary to any other collectible insurance; primary if no other insurance is in force. $100,000 Accident Medical Expense. *

  • The entire premium is earned upon policy issuance.  There are no cancellation refunds.

  • Age of oldest child on date of purchase determines team age bracket.

  • You can purchase insurance for the full year or partial year.

  • USSSA insurance covers you for practice and play in ANY associations sanctioned event.

  • Additional insured certificates are available at no additional charge.

  • USSSA prides itself on bringing you the most comprehensive insurance coverage with some the most competitive and affordable prices available.


For details of the team policy, coverage and prices, visit the USSSA Insurance Program website by clicking on any of the red buttons on this page.


For questions about the USSSA Insurance program please e-mail:, or simply call the toll-free number at: 1-888-880-3602.

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