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Roster Guidelines

1.  Team rosters must be listed within your team manager account on Team roster must be kept current at all times. If roster goes below nine (9) players, your points accumulated will disappear until roster again reaches at least nine (9) players. You do not earn points without 9 rostered players.


2.  Teams must present a signed roster overnight if requested.


3.  GUEST PLAYER actions. A player not on another USSSA roster must be ADDED to your ON-LINE roster and is not considered a guest player. ALL guest players must be added onto your team through the" Manage Guest Player" system inside your team manager account. This must be done 5 hours before start of the 1st game of the tournament. A pick up player can still be deemed an illegal player via protest through the Tournament Director. Each protest cost $100 paid to Primary Children's Hospital. In severe cases a player may be handwritten in on a USSSA roster to be considered a guest player.

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