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May 17

Utah Eclipse 03 - Additional Pitcher Needed


Edited: May 17

The Utah Eclipse 03 (the younger Eclipse team) is looking for an additional pitcher to round out our roster. We are looking for 03 birth year but will consider 04. Either age needs to have accelerated experience, preferably a couple of years. If you are interested in a tryout, please text Brandon at 801-231-7745 or Shawn at 801-244-9859. You can also email inquiries to You can visit our team page to see more about us.

May 28

Hi! Are you still looking for an additional pitcher? My daughter is 03 has pitched in accelerated but not for a few years. She is currently on the Bingham team and looking for a summer team. She can brush up on her pitching skills and come for a tryout if you are still looking. Thanks :)

~Valerie 801-367-0679

Oct 29

This is about the new things that are needed to the kids of 3 to 4 ages. However you can see this site that is referring towards the more options and presenting the new ways.

New Posts
  • bigjody82
    5 days ago

    Looking for a team for my 9 year old preferable in the south ogden area willing to travel 801-675-2744
  • skadal
    6 days ago

    Anyone know who to contact for information about the former Sports Authority facility in Taylorsville? is there any availability still, costs, etc? Jack 801-201-9599
  • tracie.danner11
    6 days ago

    14u team looking for a catcher and utility player, prefer 05' birthday but will look at all interested 06'. We have an awesome group of girls who all want to be prepared to play at the college level- so they work HARD! College athletes have been and will continue to help coach and mentor. We have winter facility in Salt Lake and plan to work twice a week. Please call or text Tracie 801-831-0495