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Utah Slowpitch Softball

About Utah USSSA


"We're Passionate About Softball"


USSSA Softball is growing rapidly in Utah. USSSA is the largest sports organization in the United States. Being well established all over the country, we are excited to be the sanctioning authority for the entire state of Utah!

Everything about USSSA is exciting! With tens of thousands of registered softball teams across the country, USSSA is a powerful force in the world of Softball. The World Championships held in Orlando, Florida every year are impressive!

Feel free to take a look around. You will find USSSA to be one of the best sports organizations to ever be involved with.


We realize there are many choices on where to play, not only leagues but tournaments.  It is our goal to do everything in our power to make playing with Utah USSSA an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone involved.


We're always open to new ideas and suggestions to help improve the love of USSSA Softball.  Please feel free to direct your comments to:  State Director Slowpitch



See you on the fields,